Most of us feel anxious or depressed at some point, but if it won’t go away or it’s stopping you from enjoying your life – let’s talk about how to get you back on track.


Although our relationships are the main thing that will bring us happiness or difficulty in our lives, few of us have learned how to have happy relationships – yet it’s never too late to learn!


The work you’ve done is vital to our country and society, yet the effects of cumulative stress are powerful. I’ll work hard to earn your trust so you can better combat the stresses you’ve faced.


Whether you’ve dealt with bullying, abuse or molestation in the past, or are still dealing with it today, the violence others have subjected you to should not define you, or your life.

Learning to express and fully be who you are is freeing, as can be getting support for creating your own family, dealing with relationship issues, and/or making successful transitions.

Spiritual and existential questions are an important part of personal growth. But sometimes these questions, doubts, worries trip us up and even leave us unable to move forward.

Whether you’re considering a major life-change, or one has been pushed onto you through the loss of someone close to you, letting someone go and moving on can be one of the most difficult steps to take.

Our goal in personal therapy sessions is to assist you in moving forward in your life with more courage, peace and compassion. We will develop tools to help you live a happier life.