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Life after Grief

There is life after loss. Whether you’re considering a major life-change, or one has been pushed onto you through the loss of someone close to you, letting someone go and moving on can be one of the most difficult steps to take.

  • Have you lost someone close to you, and it feels like the tears will never stop and life will never be the same again? Are you regretting never being able to say the things you needed to say to them?
  • Are you having trouble getting over a break-up or suffered a recent job-loss or disappointment and it feels like you are just ‘stuck’?
  • Have you retired, but you now feel ‘empty’ and it’s not like you thought it would be?
  • Are your parents ill, ageing/or needing your care – and everyone in your family is struggling with what to do next?

Having someone there beside you who has helped others through similar situations can help to make grief more manageable. Please call me today for help moving toward your next step in life.

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