LGBTQ Issues

Setting you free

Learning to express and fully be who you are is freeing. But for an LGBTQ person, it can be daunting to fully be who you are, especially with the possibilities of facing the backlash from those who simply won’t understand or support your identity.

Are you:

  • Finding it confusing and depressing having to deal with society’s discrimination and marginalization of your sexual, romantic and/or gender orientation and identification?
  • Looking for some support to find peace with your authentic and genuine sense of self in the face of society’s expectations and pressures?
  • Dealing with the effects of bullying, harassment, victimization and/or violence as a result of who you are?
  • Struggling with issues around coming out, family issues, gender transitions, etc.?
  • Wanting support as a couple to sort through the typical things all couples work on, such as sex, money, families, stress, moods, addictions, etc.?

I offer a non-discriminatory atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone in the LGBTQ community so that you can authentically be yourself, and find help managing your problems. It’s time to find a way through the discrimination and noise, so you can focus on being your true self. Call me today for a meaningful talk.

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