Individual Counselling

I prefer to work collaboratively with you, in such a way that we work with your theory of change and/or healing (as opposed to me dictating a theory to you). We work as a team (and equals) to help you reach your goals for counselling as quickly as possible.

I prefer a style of counselling where the focus is establishing a respectful, ethical and safe counselling relationship with you. Developing a relationship where you can feel heard, understood and accepted, and one that you feel has a good “fit” for you.

Where applicable, I prefer a counselling style where rather than simply treating your symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • addictions
  • relationship difficulties
  • and more.

We help you understand the causes and roots of your symptoms, help you to heal from some of the difficulties, losses and/or traumas you may have experienced. Our goal is to assist you in moving forward in your life with more courage, peace and compassion.

Where possible, I prefer a counselling style where we can focus on the here and now, and help you to live fully in the present moment. Rather than having regrets/guilt/sadness about the past, or worry/anxiety about the future.

Where possible, I prefer a counselling style where we can incorporate spiritual elements into our work together. This helps you find meaning in things that have happened to you in your past, and to explore a greater purpose for the rest of your life.

We won’t focus on labels, diagnoses, what others may have told you is supposedly wrong with you. I prefer an approach that focuses on your strengths, capabilities and resources. This allows us to restore your morale and natural problem solving ability.

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