Couples & Relationships

Counselling for Couples & Relationships

No matter how easy the sailing is at first, the various pressures and changes our relationships (especially with our husband/wife/partner) go through over the years can create a lot of tension. Do you need counselling for any of your relationships?

My goal for counselling couples and relationships is to give you essential tools. Our primary relationship is one of the biggest determinants of our overall happiness and peace in life. Many of us aren’t taught the tools to have happier relationships. I can help you turn around many of the problems couples often have.

Despite the high rate of marriage/common-law, few people have been given the tools to repair and renew their most important relationships. We get caught in downward spirals, trapped by problems we can’t seem to find the solutions to, like:

  • Having the same old fight with your partner, without it going anywhere.
  • Feeling like you can’t get your needs met, whether it’s for affection, love, companionship or sex.
  • The feeling like the two of you have become enemies instead of best friends.
  • Are you feeling like you’re ready to call it quits, but wondering if you’ll regret the decision.
  • Having your feelings and trust trampled on (e.g., an affair, addictions, etc.) and wondering if you can ever trust or be trusted again.
  • Dealing with stepchildren and ex-spouses, but feeling like you just can’t win.

Don’t let your most important relationships suffer without taking every step you can to save them. The earlier you get into counselling with your loved one, the easier it is to get you and your partner’s relationship back on a healthy track.

Call me today to see if counselling can help get your relationship back to: ‘how it used to be.’


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